Listing of the Best Free SEO Tutorials Online

One of the best ways to learn something is by walking through a tutorial. Many companies are drawn to Internet tutorials because they are less expensive than working with a professional and less confusing than trying to talk with someone over the phone. In the case of SEO, tutorials work quite well. While hiring a professional may be wise in the future, startup companies often don’t have the budget for an SEO expert right at the get-go, so they are left on their own. Fortunately there are not only many online SEO tutorials available, but many of them are completely free.

Top 5 Best Free SEO Tutorials

Finding the SEO tutorial that is right for you really depends upon the level of knowledge you have about SEO. There are tutorials that focus on more advanced terminology and concepts, tutorials that are very basic, and of course tutorials that have it all. Below is a list of five of my favorite tutorials for someone who needs the basics as well as more advanced knowledge:

1. SEOMoz: The Beginners Guide to SEO

As usual, SEOMoz has put out something great. This is by far my favorite free online tutorial (and the one I used when I first got involved in the industry). It has an infographic type feel so it is easy to understand and easy to stay interested. It is composed of ten chapters including everything from how search engines operate to keyword research, to tools and services, and finally to measuring and tracking success. I think the content is well written, correct, and most importantly it is easy to navigate. Because tutorials are so full of information this isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but SEOMoz does it.

2. Google: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

The tutorial is 30 pages long, so it seems a bit more overwhelming than SEOMoz version, but the information is absolutely there and this is a valuable tool. After all, SEO tips coming straight from Google are always helpful. The tutorial is full of screenshots to help a user visualize what the text is saying, and the tutorial is very neat and organized with a table of contents so that you can pick and choose where you need extra information.

3.Search Engine Guide: Everything You Need To Know About SEO

The free tutorial comes to you in 15 parts, all of which are separated so that you do not need to download one huge PDF. I have always felt that Search Engine Guide does a good job of keeping things simple and to the point because they write like a blogger. There are subheadings and bullet points to help you stay organized, and all of the information is displayed as if you were having a conversation. The series includes everything you need to know about title tags, domain names, keyword core terms, linking, and much more. Overall, I would say this tutorial offers some of the most detailed information.

4. Yoast: WordPress SEO Tutorial

I like this tutorial because it puts a clear focus on optimizing a WordPress based site. Even if you don’t have WordPress, the tutorial touches on many basic SEO “truths” and other information that can be helpful no matter what type of site you are running. However, I do find this tutorial to be a bit more overwhelming than the others simply because there is so much information. This tutorial is probably best suited for someone who really likes detailed information.

5. Search Engine Land: The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

This tutorial is actually comprised of ten chapters and sticks with a “periodic table” type theme. The content is easy to read and understand, and this tutorial seems to hit all of the major elements involved in SEO. This tutorial also has a chapter discussing architecture and violations—something that many other tutorials leave out.