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How important are web Analytics?

Web analytics importance
Web analytics have major importance in on line business. Tracking the history of visitors and keep doing research on analytics is must and should. We can know about visitors and their views through these analytics.
Analytics usage are increasing day by day. Analytic professionals have higher demand in the market. Everyone can’t become an Analytic expert. It needs great thinking, visualization and case study.

Every On line business should take care about :
Bounce rate :
Bounce rate is something which will helps you to know that how visitors are going away from your site. Higher bounce rate means visitors aren’t interested on your site. Lesser means visitors are happy to stay on your site. It’s always better to make bounce rate 0%, however it’s not possible, so it’s better to keep it less.

Visit Length :
How long visitors are staying on your site in average? If most of the visitors are staying good amount time on your site means they are reading some thing on your site which is useful for them. So visit length always matters to know the interest of viewer on your site. According to this metrics you can optimize your site.

Visit Depth :
Visit Depth means “Are the visitor is showing interest in visiting the other pages of your site too?” If a visitor visited most of the pages on your site and spent good amount of time on each page says your site awesome. visited all pages and spend less amount of time is not good. Not visited other pages is bad. So higher visit depth helps to grow your business as well as brand.

Returning Visitors :
More returning visits means you have loyal readers for your site. If a visitor come again and again to your site means he liked your site and found it useful. These kind of readers are called as loyal readers. More loyal readers you have, that much popular your site is. It’s very important to have more returning visits. Always try to increase the number of normal visits as well as returning visits.
… Most of the search engines will consider all these factors, to show up your website in top search engine results for a particular keyword. So it’s important to make note of all these topics and keep working and optimizing it to succeed in your business. Comment your thoughts 🙂  …

How many Hats in SEO?
As per my knowledge is concern only 3 Hats matters most in SEO:

White Hat SEO
Grey Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO

1. White Hat SEO:
White Hat SEO means completely following the ethical methods to acquire good rankings in search engines for a website. If a website really providing good information to visitors then white hat SEO works very well
and gives the best results. Now you have question that “what are white hat SEO methods?” All the methods which aren’t trying to cheat or manipulate search engines or visitors are called white hat SEO methods. I hope only few sites like Wikipedia, Google etc… follows white hat SEO methods.

2. Grey Hat SEO:
Grey Hat SEO means following combination of ethical and unethical methods to get fine rankings in Search Engines for a website. Most of the SEOs use Grey Hat SEO Methods to attain rankings. Grey Hat SEO works fine most of the time and most of the professionals recommend it. Grey Hat SEO methods aren’t unethical, it includes little stuffing of keywords in the site and back links etc. Now a day’s these methods are quite common while promoting website. Most of Corporate websites, Personal Blogs etc … follows Grey Hat SEO Methods.

3. Black Hat SEO:
Black Hat SEO stands to follow completely unethical which are used to cheat, manipulate search engines as well as users. In the past years search engines aren’t able to recognize these methods and difficult to find out and filter the websites which use Black Hat SEO techniques. Search engines are became smarter now and able to find out and blocks websites which use black hat techniques. Search Engine Quality Professional are working hardly and updating regularly the SE algorithms to give the best results to the visitors.


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