How to Set Up Google Authorship

This time of year you’ll see lots of predictions in online marketing for the new year.  And while I do have a few, instead of listing
them all out, I put together a tutorial on Google Authorship for you. Putting the authorship markup on your site will allow you to
have a photo next to the pages you’ve got listed in the search engine results.

More people are going to click on the listings with photos than those without. You’ve probably already done so on many of your searches (whether you realized it or not). Plus Google seems to be into their authorship program for the long haul. You never know with them because they start and stop so many different programs, but at this point, it seems to be here to stay.

So it’s probably worth it to start using this tool especially if you’re already publishing content under your name. I can see authorship becoming a much bigger factor with their algorithm in the future. Google is working hard to make their dependency on link building lower (because it’s traditionally been easy to buy and manufacture links to make it look like your site’s more popular).

Either way, authorship is a very powerful branding tool.

You can check-out the tutorial here:

Also, I’ve got a short survey I’d love to have you help me with on content marketing.  I’ll tell you more about it in the next week or so, but if you have some time I’d really appreciate if you’d take 5 minutes to fill it out.


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